CRSDC is able to adopt out many dogs to happy forever homes. Adoptive families share their joy below with pictures and stories. Help us make this possible for all our homeless dogs through a donation to CRSDC today.

Adopters: Mariusz & Beata




Della was our very first foster dog. We fell head over paws in love with her spunky and charming personality so when we got the call that someone else was interested in adopting her our hearts dropped. Needless to say Della ended up our foster failure. We couldn’t imagine our lives without Della and we have CRSDC to thank. Our experience with CRSDC was and continues to be absolutely great!

Adopter: Margie
lil linus  linus
Linus is an amazing dog we are so happy that he is in our lives. We have recently added yet another Chi to our family (3 dogs) all together!She (Ella) and Linus run around and have so much fun playing and fighting over toys it’s so funny to watch. He is so spoiled he gets ground beef two times a day and eats so good nowadays. I am a happy momma ;).

Adopter: Tracy Koehring

Gracie_02  Gracie_02  Gracie_03  Gracie_04

I adopted my sweet little one eared wonderful Gracie nearly a year ago today. When I first saw her photo on FaceBook I tried to adopt her but my landlord wouldn’t bend his strict “no dog policy” for a small 7lb dog.

Shortly thereafter I found out she was adopted and a friend told me Sabrina (her foster mother) was stopping by her house and would have Gracie. She asked if I’d like to stop by and see her. So of course I needed to see this cute little nugget in person despite not getting to adopt her.

Gracie had been rescued from being euthanized and then shuffled around from place to place. She was very attached to Sabrina and when I arrived at my friend’s house Gracie stuck to her like glue. As I got ready to leave she jumped off the couch and was pawing my legs to pick her up wagging her tail and giving me kisses. It was bittersweet because I knew she was going to a good home. Apparently, She knew better than me at that time.  Didn’t want me to leave because I would be her home/parent.

A couple of days later I found out she was returned. There was another dog in the house where she was adopted and was mean to Gracie so she was sent back to Sabrina. Once I heard the news I immediately told my landlord I was adopting her and gave my 30 day notice to move.

The day I picked her up we went all over town shopping for dog food, toys, leashes and the such. As soon as I opened my front door she ran around my apartment going crazy as though she had been there a million times. She knew she was home.

Gracie is a little fireball of energy, has the sweetest personality, give tons of love and brings sunshine and joy to my life.  I am so thankful she found me and we share our forever home together.

Sasha (formerly Amelia)
Adopter: Jessika Mitchell
Adopting Sasha (formerly Amelia) from CRSDC was such a wonderful experience. Sabrina, her former foster Mom, is such a caring and dedicated individual. She truly wants only the best for each foster and it shows through her careful matching process and her follow up once they’ve been successfully placed in their furever home. We are so happy to have Sasha in our family and we hope more people find it in their hearts to rescue these animals in need from CRSDC.




Adopters: Kevin & Miguel

Aki_01    Aki_02

Aki is over in his bed taking a nap. He’s had a very tough day. Up at 6:30 with Daddy to start work, breakfast right away with Priscilla and Chica and on patrol in the back yard chasing birds and barking at the neighbors dogs. I’ve attached a few pics so you can see His Royal Highness, the Queen and Princess. We love our Chi’s and are so thankful for CRSDC. Your willingness to let us adopt Aki has made us all very happy. Miguel and I often laugh like nuts….we call ourselves…Chihuahua Ranchers as we often times call them the “thundering herd” as they all run around the corner when it’s dinner time.

Adopter: Anusheh Chavez

Would you like to fill your home with even more love and happiness? That’s what happened to me and my family in February of 2011 when I adopted Bambi from the Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego.  I could have never imagined loving a pet as much as I love my children, but Bambi has a way of putting a smile on my face no matter what my day has been like.  Please consider adoption from the CRSDC…you’ll save a life, you’ll get a healthy pet and you won’t be supporting puppy mills.

Adopters: Jessica Berry and family

Stedman_01 Stedman_02  Stedman_03  Steadman_04

When our family was ready for a dog we were weary about finding the right dog for us. We have young children and were concerned about finding the right personality to incorporate into our household. Fostering seemed like the best idea. I contacted CRSDC and within 3 days I brought home the perfect companion for our family. Stedman was a Foster Failure. It’s been two years so far. Everyday we are amazed we found this faithful friend. Sabrina, at CRSDC, was our angel match-maker. Please continue with the important and much needed rescues.

Happy (Nellie)
Adopters: Lucy Jones and family

Nellie_02 Nellie_01

We have given Happy a new name, Nellie hehe. It’s a family name :). We all just adore her!! We took her to the vet lady week and she is now on a round of antibiotics and steroids for an upper respiratory infection and they agreed she has a grade 4 murmur but should be ok just keep an eye on any changes in breathing etc.

Nellie is so badly wanting to do guy things with her new brothers haha. She insists on laying right up snuggled next to them on the bed. They are still adjusting to a new sister in the house but are good to her 🙂 They like to sleep and play outside!!

Adopters: Lucie and family

Georgie_01   Georgie_02   Georgie_03

Georgie is a loving joyful dog who has never met anyone he didn’t greet wholeheartedly. He believes the world in a good place filled friends he has yet to meet. When you licks our cats face repeatedly and eventually get thwacked across the face, he just starts a new the next day. He is one of the sweetest and most enjoyable dogs I have ever had the pleasure of sharing my life with. Thank you Chihuahua rescue, Lucie

Ceetee Anne
Adopters: The Gilbert Family
Ceetee Anne (1)
The story of Little Chihuahua aka ” Ceetee Anne.”

One day I was surfing the web and looking at chihuahua’s that were up for adoption. I came upon “Taffy.” Did not even know I was actually seriously considering adopting a chihuahua until I saw her face and knew she was going to be mine. Little did I know that she would fill my family’s hearts with so much joy. She is a little party girl who has no idea how small she is. She loves her self appointed “Mother” Kuma my shepherd husky mix and commonly gets lost in her fur. They are the cutest Mother/Daughter duo ever. Thank you so much for all you do!

Adopter: Anna Chaplain

Polly is a little bit of joyfulness.We just adore her. She has a lot of energy. She plays with everyone and gets along great with my other babies. I’m so thankful that there are rescues that save lives that can be such a blessing to a family. Thank you for caring, Anna.



Honey Pot and Maggie
Adopter: Lisa Dixon

A few years ago I decided to foster before deciding on getting a new pet. I chose the CRSDC Group because 1) Sabrina was so awesome and nice and 2) Chihuahuas were not my favorite breed and I figured I wouldn’t get too attached when it was time for them to go to a new home. I was wrong. First I got Honey Pot – a cute apple faced little girl, a bit timid, quiet (unable to bark because someone had her vocal chords cut) and with one leg a little more a wobbly than the other three. After only a few days, she quickly won my heart over and I could not give her up. She has since blossomed into a very happy, friendly dog, but still doesn’t like being picked up. That’s okay…she is loved and she knows it. A few months later they brought me a black stray found wandering the streets, her toenails so long she could barely walk. She had no name when I got her, but quickly responded when I said “Maggie” and that was it. She is also very loving and sweet, and sticks to me like glue. She is very excited to see me after I’ve been at work all day…her whole body wags when her tail starts going! Always wants to be in my lap (fortunately there is no rivalry there!) and sleeps with me every night. Sometimes they both do! I can’t imagine my life without these two sweethearts.

Adopter: Jackie Armstrong

photo 1  Bella_02  Bella_03

February 19, 2012 two lives changed forever. I saw this little tiny white chihuahua at an adoption event in Del Mar. I was drawn to her shy and quiet personality. I took her home and instantly knew we were a perfect fit for each other.

My Bella is so sweet and loving. Her chihuahua personality makes me laugh and brings joy to my life. When I come home she is so excited to see me. I pick her up and she nuzzles my neck, whimpers and wags her little tail. I love coming home to her.

I do not have human children but my responsibility to love and care for her is a priority to me. She has never been a chore, l love caring and proving for her. We walk twice a day it doesn’t matter if it’s raining, sunny, cold or hot, we walk.

She keeps her past a secret from me but I don’t mind, I have secrets too.

Adopters: Jim & Lanna Case

We adopted Riley to keep our min-pin company. They are best friends and they love to play together. Riley is full of energy and likes to be held and hugged.



Adopter: Rachel Martinez

Zooley_02  Zooley_01  Zooley_04

When I first contacted CRSDC to inquire about fostering it was because I thought it would be a good way to socialize my puppy. He was 6 months old and not very good with other dogs. I figured I would foster a few dogs so he would have a few different playmates, and get used to sharing space with another dog. When I brought home my first foster Zooley, it became very clear that my plan was going to change. Zooley, aka Miss Prissy Pants fit right in with me and my other dog Bosco. He followed her everywhere, and loved playing with her. After the first day I knew that she wasn’t going anywhere! She is a sassy, spunky little diva, and I love her to death! In the past 3 years since I adopted her, our family has grown to include my boyfriend and his 2 children. Zooley and his daughter are the best of friends, and she now has a cuddle buddy for life. I am so happy that I contacted CRSDC and adopted my little diva dog. Thank you for doing what you do CRSDC!

Adopter: Brooke Eisenberg

Lola   Lola_02

We adopted Lola at the end of October. She has fit right into our little family getting along with my cats and my older dog. Her foster mom did a wonderful job of socializing her. We are grateful to CRSDC and completely in love with Lola.

Adopter: Crystal Ireland
After going into cardiac arrest during a routine surgery before going to his forever home, Hunter had to be fed and watered through a syringe for two weeks. He couldn’t stand on his own or walk. Seizures occurred every two weeks for the first year of his life. But now, three years later, he is a healthy, happy boy and has been seizure free for nearly two years. Despite being blind, Hunter loves to play chase with his brother and sister, and is our best guard dog thanks to his extra keen sense of hearing. Thank you to CRSDC for trusting us with the life of this special little guy. He completes our family.

Adopter: Renee Latimer
Penny_01  Penny_02

We were foster failures when we rescued our sweet little Penny. After living with us for a day, we were all in love! There is nothing better then to come home to her happy barking and little waging tail. Well, maybe when she snuggles up next to you on a cold winter night. Or when you’re snuggling on the couch watching your favorite show. No, for sure it is the large heart in the smallest bodies. Everyone should experience the love of a Chihuahua. There’s nothing better.

Tiki and Lila
Adopters: The Mechalas Family

Tiki&Lila_02  Tiki&Dalila1

We adopted our Chihuahua Tequila (Tiki) about 3 years ago, and Dalila (Lila) about a year after that from Chihuahua Rescue. We had always had large dogs previously and did not realize just how attached we would become to them. They have brought so much enjoyment and love into the family, it would be hard to try to explain, but they have totally won over the kids, my wife and me. We wish we could adopt them all!
The Mechalas Family

Adopter: Susan Rosenberg

Why did I ever open that photo attached to that random email from Chihuahua Rescue? This is what I asked myself several times before I called the foster mom, Sabrina. I remember the first time I met her she wouldn’t even look at me. She couldn’t take her eyes off of Sabrina. Even as I walked to the car with Pippi I thought how could I take her from there? She loves her foster mom so much. After fostering a lot of dogs myself over the years I knew how quickly they adjust to their new homes though.

Of course I needed another dog, didn’t I? I had just lost our last dachshund to age and the living room seemed so empty. My mother needed company of a little princess too. Pippi fit right in and immediately took over the entire house. She especially loves my son. She can tell when he turns onto my street and waits by the door for him spinning and spinning. He is the only person she will kiss too.
Pippi is so smart. She can tell time (well at least one time). Every day at 10am she runs to the kitchen and looks up at the treat jar until someone comes and gets her one. I don’t know how she knows but she makes her way to the kitchen at the same time every day☺

Sabrina still visits from time to time and I have to admit I love that Pippi now cannot take her eyes off of me:).
My home and my heart are full with love for my little princess Pippi! Thank you so much Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego County for everything you do, especially for bringing Pippi to me.

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