Seven Chihuahuas find new homes in Pittsburgh
By Linda Wilson Fuoco / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A couple of yips and a tiny bark or two alerted airline travelers that suitcases and duffel bags weren’t the only items arriving in the baggage claim area at Pittsburgh International Airport Monday night.

Big bright eyes peered out of seven little crates that contained seven Chihuahuas.

They traveled from San Diego, where the number of Chihuahuas in shelters and rescue organizations far outstrips the number of people who want to adopt the little dogs. They arrived Monday night in Pittsburgh, where little dogs are in relatively short supply in shelters and tend to be adopted quickly.

One by one, the California Chihuahuas were released from crates and cuddled by volunteers who were visibly relieved that the dogs arrived in good shape. Airport travelers were surprised and enchanted.

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