Open your heart and home to a loving Chihuahua.
Become a foster today.

Foster homes are the lifeblood of our rescue.  The number of dogs we can save depends entirely on the number of people willing to open their hearts and homes to an abandoned Chihuahua.  Sometimes, we have to make heartbreaking decisions when no foster home is available to take a needy dog.  Because CRSDC does not have a shelter facility, we rely solely on our foster home network to provide safe and stable temporary homes to help our orphaned fur babies get ready for adoption.  Fostering is rewarding in more ways than we can say, and CRSDC could not survive without it.

Fosters are very special people.  Caring and compassionate, they love dogs (especially Chihuahuas!) and want to help them.  Fosters provide a safe and loving environment for dogs to learn, to socialize, and sometimes, to heal their emotional and/or physical wounds.  Shelters simply don’t have the resources to do that.  In a foster home, a rescued dog is exposed to all of the same experiences they would have in a forever home.  Through interaction with people and (sometimes) other animals, formerly homeless dogs are prepared for their forever homes and make smoother transitions when the time comes.

Oh! … and fostering is good for you, too!  As you probably know, people who keep pets are, on average, healthier and live longer than people who don’t.  As a foster parent, you’ll gain lots of knowledge about canine health, proper care, and behavior.  You’ll also receive unconditional love, feel really needed, and share your home with dogs whose unique personalities will bring you joy and laughter.  CRSDC pays for all of your foster dog’s needed veterinary care.  All you provide is a safe and loving home with lots of TLC.  Fostering is truly a gift to both you and the pup and, as any experienced foster parent will tell you, it will change your life.

If you think you might like to foster one of our orphans, please submit your online foster application.  One of our volunteers will contact you ASAP.  If you’re undecided and would like to know more, as soon as we receive your application, one of our dedicated fosters will be happy to talk with you, share their experiences, and answer any questions.  Remember, foster homes save lives!