Ann Pollock, Director

Marge Fithian, Founder
Many Happy Returns

Jodi Hilliard, Volunteer

Lucky Chihuahuas to Take Cross Country Flight to New Forever Homes
Adoption initiative aims to place pervasive SoCal breed in areas where it’s both uncommon and desirable

SAN DIEGO, CA – May 11, 2012 – Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego (CRSD) today announced its successful initiative with Pennsylvania-based Many Happy Returns to find permanent homes in the Pittsburgh, PA area for seven rescued Chihuahuas. The lucky dogs will be transported from LAX on an American Airlines cargo plane at 8 am on Monday, May 14th.

The Chihuahuas’ flight is funded by Many Happy Returns, a program initiated by Marge Fithian of Philadelphia, PA to transport the world’s smallest dog breed from shelters and rescues in California to approved locations in other areas of the US where small dogs are in short supply. A portion of the pet adoption fees is used to sponsor subsequent transportation for additional dogs placed in forever homes.

“Not only are we providing homes for a breed that overwhelms southern CA shelters, but we’ve found that the publicity that results from flying these small dogs to new locations has resulted in increased adoptions of both dogs and cats in the local destination shelters,” explained Fithian, founder of Many Happy Returns.

The happy landing of the seven San Diego Chihuahuas has been the result of the coordinated efforts of Ann Pollock, director of CRSD, and the following PA-based individuals and organizations: Cheryl Haywood, doctor of veterinary medicine at Critter Care Adoptions, Inc; Myoma Animal Hospital; Julie Christensen, proprietor of PawPrints Grooming; and Jodi Hilliard, who has traveled across the country to San Diego to adopt her own pet Chihuahua. Christensen and Hilliard, who are coordinating the adoptions in PA, will be awaiting the arrival of the American Airlines cargo flight and will transport Pittsburgh’s newest canine residents to Dr. Haywood for a post-flight health evaluation.

Many Happy Returns’ cross-country adoption initiative has been successful due to Fithian’s hard work in recruiting the participation of reputable rescue organizations across the eastern US to help find approved homes for the Chihuahua breed that overwhelms Southern California rescues and shelters. Currently, euthanasia and irresponsible breeding still outnumber adoptions, and more public awareness is needed to encourage spaying and neutering and adoptions of abandoned adult dogs and puppies and discourage the purchase of pets from puppy mills.

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