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Rescue A Chihuahua Silver Linings Program
Rescue A Chihuahua Silver Linings Program
Rescue A Chihuahua Silver Linings Program

Are you lonely?  Do you need a reason to go for a walk?


There is an epidemic of older dogs that are needing homes for various reasons. These little seniors deserve to enjoy their remaining years with someone who will love and care for them. We make sure that they have received all medical needed before they go to your home.

Unfortunately, most people prefer to adopt a younger dog so these dogs over 10 years, that may still have 5 to 10 quality years left in them do not have a place to live out their lives. If you would love to have a companion that has lots to give, but worry about upcoming vet bills, this is the perfect solution for both you and the dog. Although CRSDC would still “own” the dog, you would be responsible for its daily care, feeding, bathing, walking, etc. and most importantly giving them a wonderful home. CRSDC will take care of the yearly exams, any minor medical that they might need and when the time comes for this precious pup to cross over the rainbow bridge we will make those arrangements and take solace in the knowledge that they did have a chance to live out their lives with a special person who gave them all the TLC they could want. If you are Senior yourself please consider this program, it is a WIN WIN.

If you cannot bring a dog into your home at this time, please consider being a monetary sponsor to help with the costs of dental or any other medication a dog may need for a minor medical condition.

If you are interested in being a part of this wonderful program, please fill out an application found on our website at  Once you have been approved, we will set up a contract between you and CRSDC.

CRSDC will always be available for any questions or concerns that may come up.

For more information please email us at

or call us at  858-256-9479 and leave a message

Silver Linings Program

Silver Linings Program

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Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego County saves the lives of more than 300 dogs every year. Our program exist because of donors like you! Any amount that you can share is appreciated!